Adults with Disabilities Education

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The SBCAE is one of the first consortia in the state to establish a position for an Adults with Disabilities Specialist, specifically to work with adult education students. We are proud that Natalie Bradley is working with adult students and their teachers at all SBCAE member institutions.

Thanks to the dedicated faculty of both systems who worked to contribute to the Three Year Regional Plan for SBCAE, assuring that goals for adults with special needs were included. Each member selected representatives, working with their Academic Senates, faculty collective bargaining units, and other faculty leaders. These faculty members are passionate about addressing the varied assessments, accommodations, and instructional services that can support all adults achieving their instructional goals. Education for adults with disabilities ranges from quality of life outcomes, to College and Career Readiness. The SBCAE plan, validated by work with our community partners, identifies better collaboration and alignment between systems and among community organizations, and joint professional development for teachers.

Organization Faculty
Silicon Valley Adult Education Peter McDonald VACANT
Campbell Adult and Community Education Margarita Ortiz-Minett TBD
Milpitas Adult Education Denise Hollabaugh Elsie Chandler Arezoo Miller
Santa Clara Adult Education Becky Pestarino, Co-Chair David Grant
San Jose City College Mary Denham Cathy Patel
Evergreen Valley College VACANT VACANT
West Valley College Cheryl Miller VACANT
Mission College Annabel Tomacder-Ruiz VACANT

South Bay Consortium for Adult Education - Adults w/Disabilities Web Resource List (.pdf)