Career Technical Education

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The Silicon Valley job market continues to be strong in 2016-17. But for those students who need basic skills the divide will continue to widen. That's why we are working together - to build pathways into careers with family-sustaining wages for all our students.

Thanks to the dedicated faculty of both systems who worked to contribute to the Three Year Regional Plan for SBCAE. Each member selected representatives, working with their Academic Senates, faculty collective bargaining units, and other faculty leaders. These faculty members reviewed the range of career education offerings and pathways in the region, specifically calling for innovative models of skills building in career contexts. Both focused skill development and Bridge programs blending skills development and career technical education will take lower basic skilled adults into career certificate programs leading to jobs with family-sustaining wages. The SBCAE plan, validated by the work with our community partners, addresses this critical need to develop an employment preparation system that addresses the widening income disparities in the Silicon Valley.

Organization Faculty
Silicon Valley Adult Education Norma Martinez Nazila Safari
Campbell Adult and Community Education Elaine Lagge Krystyna Lett
Milpitas Adult Education Hongyan Zheng Mila Schherbataya
Santa Clara Adult Education Gail Yee Emmy Postlewait
East Side Adult Education Joyce Alvarado - Co-Chair Ronny Bates
San Jose City College Phil Crawford Sydney Sukuta, Co-Chair
Evergreen Valley College Elaine Kafle VACANT
West Valley College David Esmaili
Mission College Cathy Cox Susan Schenck