English as a Second Language

Our ESL faculties have been working together to review assessments, rubrics, and student learning outcomes. We are addressing students' needs and gaps and want all ESL students who move from adult schools into the colleges to be prepared to be successful. Successful work for the 16-17 year include the development of a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding outlining articulation between the adult schools and colleges. The proposed MOE will use completion of an ESL in an adult schools as one of multiple measures to place a student in the college system.

Working together with innovative ESL practices to fill gaps, better align the systems, and help more students succeed.

NEWS for Summer 2017: The Alliance for Language Learners' Integration and Educational Success (ALLIES) has worked with the SBCAE to develop a framework for Immigrant Integration. has just been released here. The 17-18 school year will see more work in using the framework to support students and measure their success.

Also, recently data have shown how English learning adults have been not had access to Federal job training programs. Currently in California, approximately one-third of the workforce is foreign born. Although over 6.2 million individuals in the state are identified as English Language Learners (ELLs), as of PY 2014, this population represents only 3.7 percent of those exiting the WIOA Title I training program. This suggests that individuals who are ELLs need to be better served by the workforce system. This brief offers best practices to assist in delivering services to this population.

Organization Faculty
East Side Adult Education Shawn Tran Mali Vafai
Campbell Adult and Community Education Leslie Johnson-Tatsuta TBD
Milpitas Adult Education Patti Gairaud - Co-Chair Reva Larson Thanh Thao Nguyen
Santa Clara Adult Education Carla Marchello Bill Kyle
Silicon Valley Adult Education Kitty Stenson Valerie Kiadeh
San Jose City College Novella Simonson Leslie Rice
Evergreen Valley College Lana Strickland/Kathy Jasper Cecil Lawson
West Valley College Ellen Goldman - Co-Chair Ann Marie Wasserbauer
Mission College Amelia Akers-Martin Kirti Venkatasawmy

In addition to the many ESL classes at the colleges and adult school in our region, many of our community-based organizations offer ESL services. The County of Santa Clara’s Office of Immigrant Relations and Integration Services has supported the following website which can be searched for ESL classes in all communities.