Formal Meetings

As outlined in our charter the Steering Committee of the South Bay Consortium meets quarterly to review reports and consider public comment, and to agree:

  1. To establish the annual activities’ funding distribution schedule,
  2. To make amendments to the Plan or the annual activities and funding distribution schedule,
  3. To receive formal reports on implementation in order to review and certify the deliverables as required by the state.

The Annual Plan, the Funding Distribution Schedule, additions or changes to the Three Year Plan, and all formal reports on implementation needing to be certified for the state, will be considered in publicly noticed meetings. In response to the requirements of the AB104 Legislation and in keeping with our Guiding Principles (below), every effort will be made to solicit input from all of our stakeholders and from those who care about public adult education.

Our Guiding Principles are to:

  • Focus on the needs of adult education students first
  • Work with transparency and inclusion with all stakeholders
  • Embrace collaboration and partnership to have a positive collective impact on our region
  • Explore expansion and innovation in adult education services in the region
  • Seek other community partnerships and connections to leverage resources and achieve better outcomes
  • Commit to ideas, decisions and practices that anticipate the future needs for adult learners in our region

We want to hear from you. Please submit your comments here and ask to be added to our distribution list.