Three Year Regional Plan

All of our activities are aligned to our Regional Plan, which was developed after an exhaustive two year process. Here is the Regional Plan that was submitted for approval to the Adult Education Block Office on March 1, 2015. The South Bay Consortium for Adult Education's Regional Comprehensive Plan for Adult Education (.pdf).

The planning process involved many hours of research and meetings, including focus groups of students, surveys and workgroup meetings of faculty, meetings with community partners, and interviews with experts in our region’s need for adult education. We researched demographic information about the needs of our economy and local workforce development system, and gave special attention to our region’s goals for immigrant integration.

The resulting plan, mapping activity and objectives for a three year period, will be updated at least annually. The plan’s implementation will drive how funding is distributed. The annual list of funded activities, and the funding distribution schedule, must be approved through the process mandated by AB104. The plan is a dynamic document, which seeks to bridge and align services from community based organizations to the adult schools to the community colleges. Your responses to the current and future planning will help the SBCAE to serve the adult education students in our region in innovative and ever more successful ways.

You are encouraged to read either the eleven page Executive Summary (.pdf) to the entire 400 Page Plan (.pdf) with extensive data, ambitions objectives, and more details.